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Are you looking for a day nursery in Cardiff to enrol your child? Look no further than Ninian Nursery to improve your child's overall well-being.
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Creating new learning opportunities

At Ninian Nursery, learning is always fun! We have a wide range of activities for curious little ones. From reading books and enjoying arts and crafts we keep them involved in creative activities to improve their imaginative skills. We also conduct numerous indoor and outdoor activities to keep them entertained. The children also enjoy regular visits to the nearby Roath Park for walks or picnics, where they are given ample opportunity to learn about the environment and the world around them.
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Comfortable toddler rooms

At Ninian Nursery, we move children above 18 months old to toddler rooms. The rooms have access to plenty of toys and craft materials to boost their creative minds. The toddler rooms are supplied with cosy bedding for the children to take their naps, usually after lunch.

Food is served in the dining room, where they join the older children and take part in other activities.
Baby rooms
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Activities for the toddler group include:

• Supply of books and toys
• Outdoor activities
• Regular visits to the park
• Bike rides
• Games like jigsaws and craft materials
Foundation phase

Toddler and Foundation phase

To enrol your child into the toddler group at Ninian Nursery, Roath Park, Cardiff call 
029 2048 2771
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